Our Partners

Academic Excellence through Strong Partnership

In the past 25 years, Hopkins has forged outstanding partnerships with numerous renowned universities, organizations, and corporations. These partnerships are not only exchanges and collaborations in the academic field, but also exemplars of cross-disciplinary cooperation and mutual development. Hopkins has collaborated with these partners to launch a series of impactful projects and activities, covering education, research, innovation, and social services, among other fields. Through continuous exchanges and collaborations, Hopkins and its partners are committed to cultivating high-quality talents, promoting social progress, and economic development.

Collaborations with Renowned Institutions

Throughout its illustrious history, Hopkins has forged numerous collaborations with renowned universities, corporatizations, and charitable organizations. Distinguished university presidents, chancellors, vice chancellors, deans, and professors from esteemed institutions like George Washington University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and others have graced Hopkins with their presence. In recognition of these partnerships, we have organized presidential receptions and offshore graduation ceremonies for their offshore students in Hong Kong, fostering strong academic ties.

Pioneers in Real-Time Online Learning

In a significant milestone two decades ago, prior to the IT industry downturn in 2002, Hopkins embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with the University of California, Riverside. Together, we pioneered the delivery of a post-graduate program utilizing the latest real-time online technology. This innovative approach garnered substantial media attention, including interviews with prominent outlets such as CNBC, heralding a new era of real-time online learning. Hopkins proudly received consecutive outstanding awards from the University of California, Riverside International Programs Office, including the Gold Award for Academic Excellence in 2001 and the Silver Award in 2002. The resounding success of this program served as a catalyst, inspiring us to continue delivering excellence in education and training.

Through these strategic partnerships, Hopkins has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences, fostering academic excellence, and promoting the professional development of individuals and organizations alike. Our continued dedication to forging impactful collaborations remains unwavering, as we strive to empower our students and partners to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Our previous and current working affiliates include:

Academic Affiliates

Columbia Southern University
Ferris State University
Guangzhou Economic Management College
International School of the Regents
Lewis Clark State College
London Examinations Board
Michigan State University
NCC Education
Oklahoma City University
Queensland International Business Academy
Tacoma Community College
The City University of New York
The George Washington University
The University of Adelaide
The University of California, Riverside
The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
The University of Northern Iowa
The University of South Australia
The University of Wales
Wichita State University

Corporate Affiliates

A.S. Personnel Consultancy
Able Choice Personnel Consultancy
Adecco Personnel Ltd.
Amax Personnel Consultancy
Asia Kas Personnel Ltd.
Besteam Personnel Ltd.
BWC Capital Market
Century Personnel Consultant
Center Point Personnel
Geminin Personnel Ltd.
Harvest Personnel Agency
Hitech Personnel Agency Co. Ltd.
International Management Association
Junsun & Co.
Karl Tompson Group
LandPower International
Staff Services (HK) Co. Ltd.
T & S Quantum Co. Ltd.
The Hong Kong Institute of Housing

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